Body Size : 900~1,000(L)X400(H)X200(D) mm

Power : 0.1kVA (220V X 1phase, 50/60Hz)

Alarm Function
- Overload, Time error, Emergency stop

Control panel
- Change Cycle time
- Cutting length
- Auto/Manual

Dump Box Size : 813(L) X 172(H) X 190(D) mm


Tuning Feeder to prevent pick-up errors. : Increase Mounter productivity

< Single Feeder Calibration >
Adjusting push pawl on left/right side on the feeder with seeing monitor

< Multi Feeder Calibration >
Multi feeder calibration :17slots 0402 8mm~56mm feeder One time calibration by using X-Y gantry and vision camera


Imbedded Control System

High reliability and stability

Speed : 0.1 ~ 600mm/sec,

Possible setting position : 1㎛ grid resolution

Easy operation with 7”touch panel

Possible 2D & 3D printing by X,Y,Z axis together

CCD Camera

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